PluckLock App by Niral

Pluck LockPlucklockFriends in vacation days I was getting bore so I decided to create something awesome for you.

I have found the common problem with you all that when you use your phone sometimes your phone is plucked by someone who wants to know what you are doing in the phone. So if you are doing chat with whom that you don’t want inform anyone.

This App is really the best for you.

You can also get it for play store.

Download now Pluck Lock Download

Telegram+ by Niral

Hello friends

I am Niral Naik. As you all know my compass app goes successful and now this days I am working on telegram+ by Niral . a messenger like what’s app and with great features.

So if you want contribute me on this activity please post your thoughts and ideas on my Facebook wall or mail me . waiting for your response my dear Friends.

Thank you.

compass application

Friends,Today I made a Compass application. Which you can show directions from anywhere , anytime.Click on the Gear to Download it.

Get It !

This is screenshot of my Compass app (which is mentioned above) . By moving your device This app tells you direction by moving compass, Soo Easiest. 

compass app
Screen of Compass App

This is a simple app with classic circle shaped compass(“checkout picture mentioned below or try it 🙂 “) you can download my this app by visiting this link button:

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