compass application

Friends,Today I made a Compass application. Which you can show directions from anywhere , anytime.Click on the Gear to Download it.

Get It !

This is screenshot of my Compass app (which is mentioned above) . By moving your device This app tells you direction by moving compass, Soo Easiest. 

compass app
Screen of Compass App

This is a simple app with classic circle shaped compass(“checkout picture mentioned below or try it 🙂 “) you can download my this app by visiting this link button:

When I make this app I tested it on android v2.2.3 based phone. So If you found any kind of issue or  bug Please comment or contact ME so I am able to make my app better.

Currently I have found an issue that it might not work on some device of Samsung Galaxy because it has no magmatic field sensor.

Well you can get free Facebook access through my app. Cheak out my this post for ” how to get Facebook access for free”.

Thank you for visiting my Website.
Have A Nice Day 🙂

Niral NaiK
Mail :
cell : +919429992192


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